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Centrifuge for salt

Centrifuge for salt

How to Separate Salt

Usually, we use HR Pusher centrifuge and LWL Horizontal screen worm centrifuge to separate salt.

Solid content

Solid content processing capacity; The LWL series Horizontal screen worm centrifuge can be treated with a solid content of 20% -80%, but HR Pusher centrifuge cannot, which is basically around 30% -70%.


The higher solid content, the smaller difference between HR and LWL Salt Separation. If the solid content is not too high, and the demand for production is limited, and the budget is limited, choosing HR Pusher centrifuge single machine production is higher because the inflow flow can be faster.


There is no difference between two Salt Separation. Both are around 5%-7%.


We help customers choose screen mesh based on the required particle size.

The particle of LWL series Horizontal screen worm centrifuge is less than 200 mesh. And the HR Pusher centrifuge is less than 250 mesh.

LWL Horizontal screen worm centrifuges
LWL Horizontal screen worm centrifuges
LWL Horizontal screen worm centrifuges

LWL Horizontal screen worm centrifuges

LWL screen worm centrifuge has been widely used in such industries as chemistry, food, salt, mining and pharmacy. Due to its separation principle and structural characteristics, it is mainly suitable for those materials with large particle size and without strict requirements on particles crushing. Therefore, it is required to conduct material analysis and relevant tests to determine the suitability and separation performance.

Technical Parameter
ModelBowl diameter
Bowl speed
Overall dimensions
LWL200 200 4000 1790 0.5-1.5 3 550 1120*1020*800
LWL 250 250 3500 1714 1.0-3.5 4 600 1120*1050*850
LWL 320 320 2630 1240 0.5-2.5 7.5 700 1350*1050*1000
LWL 350 350 3000 1770 1-3 11 1000 1400*1250*1150
LWL 450 450 2500 1580 2-5 22 1500 1600*1400*1300
LWL 530 530 2000 1190 3-10 30 2000 1700*1450*1400
LWL 630 630 1800 1140 5-15 37 2500 2000*1440*1740
LWL 800 800 1500 1006 8-30 55 3700 2750*1750*2000
LWL 1000 1000 900 450 10-50 75 6200 3200*2155*2280
HR Pusher Centrifuge
HR Pusher Centrifuge
HR Pusher Centrifuge
Salt separation Applications

HR series industrial centrifuge of Two-stage piston pusher centrifuge is a continuous operation of the filter –type centrifuge. At full speed to comlete all of the operations processes:feeding,separation,washing,drying and unloding ,ect. Applied to the particles containing crystalline or short fibrous concentrated suspensions such as separation,widely used in chemical industry, salt pharmaceuticals, light industry and food industry, especially suitable for separation of solid phase material with particle size greater than 0.08mm,the concentration of more than 40% of the contained crystals or fibrous solids suspension of dehydration and solid-liquid speartion.

Applied Materials range: sodium chloride,ammonium chloride, potassium chloride,sodium sulfate,ammonium sulfate,potassium sulfate,urea,potassium carbonate,PVC,phosphate,nitrocellulose,cellulose acetate and so on.

Product drawings

Pusher Centrifuge

Main configuration and parameter
HR Industrial Centrifuge  Two-stage piston pusher centrifuge
Model : HR300 HR400 HR500 HR630 HR 800
Bowl inside diameter(mm) 218/262 337/400 438/500 560/630 720/800
Bowl length(mm) 115/115 145/155 180/180 240/240 300/300
Bowl rotation speed(r/min) 2200
(Determined according to the use requirements)
(Determined according to the use requirements)
( Determined according to the use requirements)
( Determined according to the use requirements)
( Determined according to the use requirements)
Separation factor 710 573-1083 402-1120 350-1142 268-1145
Pushing stroke 30-80 time/min 30-80 time/min 30-80 time/min 30-80 time/min 30-80 time/min
Feeding capacity per hour 1-3t/h 1-8t/h 5-15t/h 8-25t/h 25-65t/h
Main motor power(kw) 5.5KW 11KW 45KW 55KW 55-75KW
Auxiliary motor power 3KW 5.5 KW 22KW 30KW 37KW
Outline dimension(mm) 1550*800*710 2460*1286*1180mm 3600*1420 *2078 MM 3690*1600*1265 MM 3700*1800*1450MM
Machine weight (kg)   2480kg 3500kg 4100kg 7000kg
GK/GKH Centrifuge
GK/GKH Centrifuge
GK/GKH Centrifuge

Siphonic Centrifuge is a type of full-automatic centrifuge with continuously working and batch operation. According to the structure, it can be divided into Siphonic Scraper Centrifuge (GKH series) and common scraper centrifuge (GK series).

The scraper centrifuge can be switched between automatic and manual operation, so it can realize the periodic cyclic operation of feeding, dehydration, washing and discharging of the feed material.

Compared with common scraper centrifuge, the sophonic scraper centrifuge has siphonic force like vacuum, so it has better production capacity and separation effect. Especially, it is suitable for the feed material which has small solids, high viscosity, slow filtration and that needs to wash the filter cake.

GK Peeler centrifuge fully automatic centrifuge is a solid-liquid separation equipment that uses continuous operation and intermittent discharge. The machine is controlled by a programmable logic controller. The frequency converter is used for speed regulation, and the braking system adopts dynamic braking and regenerative braking. Through programs such as product level detection, speed, detection, shaft temperature and vibration monitoring, the entire separation process is an automatic cycle operation (including feeding, dehydration, washing, discharge, etc.

GKH Horizontal Peeler Siphon Centrifuge separation is superimposed by centrifuge force and siphon power, Production capacity can be increased by 50% or so while filtration driving force increases and separation time cuts down. Furthermore, significantly reduce the moisture content of the residues. As the drum did not have holes that it allows materials deposit, finally write liquid pipe removes clear liquid. This works quite well for the subtle materials which are difficult to separate. Due to the special features of siphon centrifugal, it's more extensively used in medicine, food, environmental protection, chemical and other industries

Features of Horizontal Peeler Main features and Configurations:

• PLC control, easy maintenance and operation.
• Action elements with automatic electric-pneumatic/hydraulic control.
• Safety protection.
• Welded machine case, strong and rationally design structure.
• All seals are made of the fluorous rubber and silicon rubber.
• Independent hydraulic station can be installed separately, convenient to repair.
• Stable start-up and simple control, effectively protecting the motor from overload-related damage. Optional inverter start-up for variable speed control.
• Liquid -damping vibration absorber is also available with excellent effects of absorbing effects, ensures stable operation.
• Two discharging modes available.

Working process

GK/GKH Centrifuge

Automatic Horizontal Scraper Centrifuge peeler centrifuge Horizontal Centrifuge parameter
Model &  Parameter
Drum diameter(mm) 800 1050 1250 1600
Drum length (mm) 450 500 600 1000
Drum volume (L) 100 165 355 830
Loading capacity (Kg) 150 290 500 1050
Drum speed (r/min) 1550 1350 1200 950
Maximum separation factor 1070 1020 1006 799
Motor power (Kw) 30 45 55 90
Size (mm) 2030*1960*1530 2430*1980*1800 2685*2300*1900 4050*2745*2295
Weight (Kg) 5500 7900 10500 16550

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