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GFX 105 N Blood tubular centrifuge separator

Product Details
GFX 105 N Blood  tubular centrifuge separator
Application Scope
GFX Series centrifuge is used for separating various liquids that are difficult for separation, especially adapt for liquid-liquid separation, liquid-liquid-solid separation. It’s widely used in pharmacy, healthy food, drinks and chemical industries, etc. Such as transformer oil, edible oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil, vegetable oil ,Coconut oil,fuel, grease, saponification, all kinds of powder, and sugar paste. It also can be used in separating blood plasma of biological leechdom, extracting blood plasma from animal’s blood; refining soaking placenta, multi-phenol tea, and concentrated phosphatide from soybeans; purifying ejiao; separating oil and handling sewage, various kinds of medicine, etc
The main feature of it is the high yield and the rate of broken blood cell can be reduced to the lowest extent. The contact part between the separator and material is made of stainless steel which can meet the requirement of GMP in medicine making industry.  


Working Principle:
It is high speed separator. It has better separation. The separator is consisted of main body, driving device, bowl collecting pan and liquid-in bearing seats. The upper of the bowl is flexible main shaft and the lower of it is damp floating. The main shaft is connected with a driven wheel by the coupling seat with the buffer. The power is transmitted to the driven wheel by the motor through the transmission belt and the tensioner to make the bowl rotate around its axis at an over speed and form a strong centrifugal force field. The product sprays into the liquid inlet from the bottom and liquid is forced to flow upward along the inner wall of the bowl and then is separated into different layers according to different density. GFX model is a separating equipment where there the liquid phase of large density is formed into outer ring and the liquid phase of small density is shaped into inner ring, to flow to the top of bowl, to be discharged out from their respective liquid outlets. The micro solids settle on the wall of the bowl and are to be manually dumped after the machine is shut down. GFX: It is used for separating various emulsion, especially adaptable for liquid-liquid separation with slight gravity difference and liquid-liquid-solid separation with a little foreign matter, such as separation of various oil and micro powder, extract liquid from plants, separation of plasma and cell.  

GFX105N Tubular centrifuge technical parameters









Height (mm)


Sedimentation volume(L)


Max speed(r/min)


Max separationfactor


Inlet nozzle diameter (mm)


Material inlet pressure (Mpa)


Capacity (water capacity)L/H


Motor model

3 phasetwopolemotor

Motor power (kw)


Machine dimension (mm)


Machine weight (kg)





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