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GLW Horizontal spiral discharge decanter centrifuge (Explosion-proof )

Product Details

Production  Description







  GLW series is a normal decanting centrifuge made of our company, they are ideal choices for separating particles in drilling mud. Decanting Centrifuge separate the suspending fluids using  principle of centrifugal action, the suspending fluids is pushed into the rotor drum through the inlet pipe and the fluid hole of the spiral feeder. Under the influence of centrifugal force, solid phase particles are pushed to the internal wall of the drum, then to the mud export of the small end of the drum and excreted. But the fluids are excreted from the overflow hole of the large end. Such cycle is in order to achieve the purpose of continuous separation.

Design and manufacturing system

  • The main engine of the GLW decanter centrifuge is composed of dual motors, dual frequency conversion control, and an energy feedback driven, fully functional control system composed of high-performance frequency converters.
  • GLW  decanter centrifuge has passed the ISO9001:2000 system certification.
  • The mechanical performance is higher than the standard of JB/T502-2004 Spiral Settling Discharge Centrifuge.

Advantage of mud centrifuge

  • The core of decanter centrifuges use the stainless steel.
  • Residue outlet use strong alloy steel.
  • Bearing use SKF (Sweden brand)

Over-load protection

  • Hydraulic coupler protection
  • Differential mechanism protection
  • The vane of spiral propeller painted carbide

Technical parameter 





 Bowl Diameter




 Bowl Length




 Rotary Speed



 0~3200r/min (VFD)





 Separation point




 Main Drive




 Back Drive




 Max capacity





2700 kg

2950 kg

3000 kg





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