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VCO virgin coconut oil tubular centrifuge machine

Product Details

coconut oil

VCO virgin coconut oil tubular centrifuge machine

Reyes Tubular Centrifuge is a high speed separation & clarification machine for continuous separation of two immiscible liquids with density difference.Tubular bowl centrifuge is also used to separate small quantity of impurities from liquids.


  • Pharma
  • Chemical
  • Food Industries
  • Edible Oil Industries
  • Printing Ink
  • Bacteria Cell Separation
  • Gum Clarification
  • Biodiesel Plants
  • Beverage Industry
  • Biomass Separation

GF tubular centrifuge for oil water solid 

GF tubular centrifuge

GF Tubular Centrifuge Separator is used for separating various kinds of liquids that are difficult to be separated, especially suitable for liquid-liquid separation and liquid-liquid-solid separation.

Main Features

It is a high-speed centrifuge with strong separating capacity. The bowl of the centrifuge rotates around its axis and forms a strong centrifugal force, the centrifugal force separates the suspensions into liquids and solid.

The suspension is fed through the bottom into the hollow cylindrical rotor which has two outlets at the top to allow the discharge of the separated liquids. The lighter liquid and the heavier liquid will flow out from the respective liquid outlets. At the same time the solids are deposited on the bowl's wall and the accumulated solids are cleaned out manually from the bowl when the centrifuge is shut down.
The parts contact with the material is made of stainless. The machine body can be stainless or iron casted with painting according to the material to be separated or the requirement of the customer.

The capacity of the tubular centrifuge separators is from 10L/h to 3000L/h depending on the different type of the tubular centrifuges and the density of the mixture to be separated.


GF  tubular centrifuge technical parameter 

  Items Models
GF75   GF105 GF125 GF150
 Diameter(mm) 75 105 125 150
 The Effective Height(mm) 450 730 730 730
 Bowl Volume(L) 2.2 6 8 10
 Speed of Rotation(r/min ) 19200 16300 15000 14000
 Separation Factor( ω2.r/g ) 15600 15250 15750 14300
 Working pressure(MPa )  ≥0.05
 Through Output Capacity for Clean Water(L/h) 500 1200 2000 2500
 Motor Power(kW ) 1.5 3.0 3.0 4.0
 Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)  760 x 450 x1120  840×  500×1600  900×  550×1600  900×  550×1600
Weight(Kg) 200 570 610 665

 GF tubular centrifuge details

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