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Chemical and Mining Industry decanter centrifuge

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Main Application of Decanter Equipment in  Chemical and Mining Industry:
Reyes industrial centrifuge has a wide range of application scenarios in the chemical and mining industry. Mechanical separation technology plays a very important role in environmental protection treatment of waste water, waste oil and harmful substances in chemical industry. Reyes industrial centrifuge can effectively separate liquid mixture, realize mixture classification, and simultaneously dehydrate solid and extract components. Therefore, it is widely used in various chemical production industries such as grey water treatment, coal tar recovery treatment and sulfur foam treatment.
Reyes  decanters are virtuosos in the mining industry - above all when it comes to processing ore and minerals. Ore processing is highly important, particularly in the production of precious metals and non-precious metals. This process uses decanters in various mining applications: gold and silver, lead and zinc, nickel and copper, platinum, lanthanoids.

There are numerous possible applications and processing methods for minerals: from the ceramics industry through to cosmetics for the paint industry - from straightforward mechanical processing through to use in chemical processes - everything is possible.

This is why use of a decanter is particularly suitable. The decanter plays a central role in processing minerals for the following applications: kaolin, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, barite, zinc sulphate, aluminium hydroxide.
Our separation technology solutions can be used in almost all extractive processes of minerals, raw materials and ores. For more than 30years, we have supported our customers to increase their profits and optimise their procedures with clever solutions. The core of all mining processes is the Shenzhou decanter developed for them. It is the optimum solution for processing minerals and ore, and has innumerable possible applications. Our engineers have continuously developed the centrifuge and adapted it perfectly to meet the requirements of mining - for example through magnificent wear protection.
Your advantages in the processing of ore and minerals
Lower operating costs

* Straightforward processing of large product quantities increases the effectiveness of production
* Resistance against wear and corrosion reduces maintenance costs
* Long service life and service intervals, combined with very short repair times, reduce the costs of upkeep
* High quality and purity of the end product lead to a rapid return on investment
* Continuous and fully automatic operation reduces personnel costs

A sustainable solution

* Energy saving - also in the subsequent processing of the solids
* A completely closed machine design prevents emissions and protects the environment
* Highest quality and safety - Made in China

Competent support and service
Every process is different. There are many different factors which influence the processing of minerals and ore, and all have a decisive influence on success. We support our customers throughout the process sequence, and offer you special technical knowledge in the mining area. Our worldwide network guarantees you the best service and individual support:

* Laboratory samples - discover new potential
* Process analysis - optimise your performance with our separation technology solutions
* Individual project planning - we adapt the machines according to your requirements and conditions
* Specialists - benefit from our specialist knowledge and decades of experience

Searched for and now found: New centrifuges for a processing plant.

Due to the high sulphur content, it is often difficult for mining and processing plants to extract waste water.

With the help of modern processing technology, the mine was able to solve the problem. In this article you will learn how the mine solved the problem and the results.


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