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latex centrifuge separator machine for latex rubber

Product Details

Latex centrifuge separator machine


The natural latex is from rubber tree, milk white , solid content is 30%~40%, and the average diameter of solid is 1.06um. The fresh natural latex contain latex 27%~41.3%(m/m),water 44%~70%,protein 0.2%~4.5% ,natural resin 2%~5%, saccharides 0.36%~4.2% and ash 0.4% . To facilitate transportation and processing, natural rubber latex should be concentrated to the solid content of 60% by adopting the method of centrifugal or evaporation. so it also known as concentrated latex.

Latex separator model JRLDR400 is suitable for concentrating and purifying of the natural latex.It can separate the latex into the cream and skim,as well as eliminate the solid impurities at the same time.This model of separator is provided with the following advantages:inverter start-up,el.magnetic brake,short stopping-and long effective separating time,large treatment capacity,good separating efficiency.It is really a excellent equipment for the latex production.  


latex centrifuge separator machine:

1.natural rubber slurry concentration and clarification
2.rubber slurry separator

Main purpose

Latex series disc separator is good equipment for producing latex. It is mainly used for natural rubber slurry concentration and clarification, makes rubber slurry separate concentrated latex and clear skim latex, and eliminates the solid impurity of whey liquid. Separator’s design, manufacture and checking and acceptance comply with national standard GB10897 and GB10898. 

Technical parameters 



Drum diameter      mm


Capacity            L/h


Drum rotating speed rpm


Separation factor


Motor power        KW


Dimension          mm


Weight              kg



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